Spring Checklist for the DIYers

The tail end of winter delivered above average snowfall and several storms with damaging winds. No need to tell you that the spring cleanup task this year is going to be a bit heavy with lots of debris down.

  • Start on the right foot by getting lawn and garden areas free of branches and leaves.
  • Deer browsing was particularly heavy this year in our service area. Many plants will rebound and flush out new growth but you may consider some additional fertilization for stressed plants to help them along.
  • Consider giving your lawn a heavy raking or mechanical dethatching to help address any matted down grass and get the lawn propped up and ready to receive a spring fertilization.
  • Cut back any ornamental grasses or perennials that were left up over the winter.
  • Come May, give any roses a boost of food.
  • Applying some mulch to gardens this spring can help freshen up the space as well as aid in weed prevention and water retention. We almost exclusively use natural leaf duff mulch which is really great for feeding soils and plants over the course of the year- and it breaks down by the end of the year avoiding undesired buildup in beds like other wood mulches.
  • Start planning for a vegetable garden….site selection, what to plant, timing, etc. This can be a fun family activity too!
  • Finally, enjoy all the action in the gardens in the spring. Tons of flowers and fragrance from spring bloomers like Lilac, Viburnum, Crabapples, Daphne, Cherry, and more!

Feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have!