Jenny's Story

"How I Got the Where I am: A Career versus a Job"

Jenny Sherman Tonsig is Gardening Operations Manager, and has been part of the NatureWorks team for ten years! Jenny has an interesting story; unlike many of the employees  at NatureWorks, Jenny was not from the area when she was hired. Actually, she wasn’t even from New England!


Jenny was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Minnesota, where she studied Horticulture with a concentration on landscape design. Upon graduation, Jenny decided to start searching for jobs in other areas of the country.

Jenny’s job search began online ( and in particular). She began sending resumes all over the country. One position that caught her eye was for a gardener at NatureWorks. 

NatureWorks Interview

In late January of 2006, Jenny received a call from NatureWorks. She was given a phone interview and then in February, she flew out to Massachusetts to get a better feel for the job and the area. Jenny was shown around the facility, met Matt and Jennifer, learned a little more about the position, and was offered a position. She was excited to have a job year round, a competitive salary, and health benefits. What more could a young woman want? Jenny accepted the position of Garden Foreman, and made a promise to herself that she would stay no less than three years. 

Moving to Massachusetts

On March 30, 2006, Jenny packed up her life in Minneapolis and drove to Massachusetts. She had previously found an apartment and was ready to start a new life for herself. On Monday, April 3, 2006, Jenny began her NatureWorks journey. She was happy to start; she was young and broke and was happy to be earning money!

Jenny will never forget her first day at NatureWorks. There was a “Start of the Season” party welcoming new and returning staff. One of the men was playing the accordion while others danced around. Despite her amusement and the fun of it all, Jenny was nervous. Jenny was determined to prove herself to be as strong and hardworking as everyone else. If someone on her crew lifted a 50 lb. bag of fertilizer, she would too. Jenny refused help, as a way of gaining respect and showing them that she could do the work as well as they could.

Moving Up

In 2008, just two years after starting with NatureWorks, Jenny was promoted to Field Supervisor. Her responsibilities now included creating schedules and overseeing her crews. She continued working in the field, which she enjoyed. Jenny’s position later evolved into an Account Manager role, and more recently she was promoted to Gardening Operations Manager.

Jenny is an outdoorsy person, and enjoys being in nature. Besides enjoying her job, her love of the outdoors keeps her in New England. There are not too many places where you can travel to the beach and the mountains in the same day! Jenny especially loves taking trips to New Hampshire to go hiking!

After ten years of hard work and dedication, she has made a home for herself here in Massachusetts. Although she misses her family back in Wisconsin, she is happy with her decision to come work for NatureWorks. It has been quite a journey.